Differences between Q60 and Q70 Samsung TV [with Table]

Samsung Q60 and Q70 are two of the most known smart televisions with affordable prices of Samsung. But we are here to reduce your ambiguities if you are keen to buy one of these products. In this article, we are going to depict all the differences between Q60 and Q70.

Samsung, the Korean tech giant is mostly popular for its smartphones. But literally it has initiated its production of other electronic products too, including TVs.

Recently, smart technology has created its path from phones to TVs as people are getting attracted by it and Samsung has spent no time to think twice in getting into this new broadened market.

This brand has introduced some exclusive TVs in the market with some modern features.

So if someone is keen to buy a smart television, Samsung is definitely an awesome brand to look at. Samsung Q60 and Samsung Q70 are two the most known smart TVs but people often get confused when picking one of them.

After going through this writeup, you’ll have a certain vision about both and can decide which Samsung smart TV should be in your living room.

Differences between Q60 and Q70

Samsung Q60 Samsung Q70
Refresh rate of 60 Hz. Refresh rate of 120 Hz
Wide viewing angle. Ultra viewing angle.
Smaller in size. Larger in size.
Comparatively lower contrast than Samsung Q70. Comparatively higher contrast than Samsung Q60.
Comparatively lower price. Comparatively higher price.

All you have to know about Samsung Q60

Firstly, we are giving you a glimpse of Samsung Q60. Samsung has introduced this smart TV in 2019.  Samsung Q60 provides QLED 4K resolution, quantum HDR, and a quantum 4K processor. Let us enlighten you about all of these mentioned things.

Features of Samsung Q60

QLED 4k resolution

The newest quantum dot technology is used in Samsung’s QLED 4k resolution. It makes every single pixel pure and dazzling.

This new technology is able to capture completely pure blues, greens, and reds, so that every color will be explicit and vibrant.

Samsung Q60 vs Q70

In the last few years, Samsung used 1080-pixel HD resolution for their products. But here, Samsung has used 4K resolution which is equal to 3840 x 2160 pixels.

This is definitely a significant change for Samsung as they have stepped forward from 1080-pixel to 3840 × 2160 pixels.


HDR is the abbreviated form of high dynamic range imaging. It is a procedure by which TVs show both brighter and darker colors without the colors transferring to lower level into either pure white or pure black.

This process discloses the opportunity to deliver an incredibly colorful and explicit viewing experience. Dark and light shades of color can be noticed for this technique that were previously impossible on screen.

4K Processor 

Then comes the quantum 4K processor of Samsung Q60 which allows TV to use all of the previously mentioned technologies to the fullest extent.

There is a saying that a processor is the brain of any technology. It upgrades the video resolution as per its power. Samsung has used 4k processor in the Samsung Q60 model which can upgrade any videos into 4k resolution even if the content was a lower resolution content.

So this smart TV gives a vibrant, colorful and explicit picture quality of any content shown in TV.

Low lag times 

Moreover, because of these characteristics, Samsung Q60 is quite lucrative for gaming. This product shows small lag times as low as 16.3 milliseconds. Supporting FreeSync variable refresh rate is also one of its advantages.

Voice can be used for controlling this TV. If you are keen to know about anything, just ask from the Samsung Bixby and Bixby will answer as per it knows.

Including best picture quality, optimal color brightness and volume and vibrant resolution, Samsung Q60 also has a nice ambient mode that allows to turn the screen on and watch a calming visual screen that will push you to set the mood for any party.

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Features of Samsung Q70 

All the similarities with Samsung Q60

Next, coming into Samsung Q70. Samsung has obviously introduced this product after the arrival of Q60. This smart TV has some similar features as Q60 including some differences too.

As Samsung Q60, Samsung Q70 also provides QLED 4k resolution using quantum dot technology. This technology is able to capture pure blues, greens and reds so that the color will be explicit and vibrant. This 4k resolution is equal to 3840 × 2160 pixels.

It also provides a quantum HDR and quantum 4k processor. Quantum 4k processor converts the low resolution contents into 4k resolution.

So it can be said, Samsung Q70 is also a fantastic smart TV which will provide you an amazing gaming experience. This smart TV can also be controlled by using voice.

If you are keen to know about anything, just ask from the Samsung Bixby and Bixby will answer as per it knows. This is also suitable for Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

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Samsung Q60 vs Q70

In Spite of all these similarities, Samsung Q60 and Q70 show some disparities. The first one is its size. Samsung Q60 offers a relatively smaller size smart TV for your living room.

Some people live in small apartments so they need a suitable size smart TV for them. Samsung Q60 will provide you this whereas Samsung Q70 only provides a large size smart TV.

Refresh Rate

Samsung Q60 provides a refresh rate of 60 Hz. This is compatible for gamers. But in comparison with Samsung Q70, it is not enough.

Samsung Q70 delivers a higher refresh rate of 120 Hz which is more lucrative for any gamers. Because of the upgraded refresh rate, the content will be smoother and pleasant for viewers.

This amount of refresh rate is a plus point for any gamers and will be conducive for him for getting on the leaderboard.

Higher refresh rate will also give you a pleasant feeling while viewing any content. But this is mainly needed for gamers.


Though both Samsung Q60 and Q70 have QLED technology, Samsung Q70 delivers a full array of backlights behind its screen.

This is also a satisfying feature for any game lover. QLED technology already serves the best and optimal color. But this is totally an upper level so that you can stick to your couch while watching TV.

This technology will lead you to deliver the ultimate pleasant view for any content and gaming.

Viewing angle

While searching the differences between these two TVs, we found that there is another disparity in viewing angle of both.

Samsung Q60 has a wide viewing angle whereas Samsung Q70 has an ultra viewing angle. Imagine, you are enjoying a football match with your family members or friends.

And because of the placement of your friends, you have to sit at the corner of the room. If anyone who is reading this article has experienced this earlier, he better knows how unpleasant it is. You can’t enjoy the match like others.

Samsung Q70 is here to get rid of this issue. The ultra viewing angle will provide you a lively match from any place in your room. This feature is suitable for any crowded room so that all the persons there can have the same experience.


The last difference is in price. Samsung Q60 is comparatively cheaper than Samsung Q70. By reading this whole article, you will definitely get it.

But this is the point for more sales of Samsung Q60. A lot of people want combinations of all the technological features but at a reasonable price. Samsung Q60 meets this demand of the people which makes it more popular.

Having all these similarities and differences between Samsung Q60 and Samsung Q70, if you want to buy a smart TV of 4k resolution, 4k processor and small lag time at a reasonable price, Samsung Q60 is perfect.

This will provide you a better experience at an affordable price range. But, if you are a person who wants to keep himself updated in purchasing technological things, then you are a perfection for Samsung Q70. For more information connect with DifferencePlanet.

The FAQs about Samsung Q60 and Q70

We have discussed details on the difference between Q60 and Q70 in this article and also features of them. Even then if you have any questions see this FAQ section. Give your feedback at the comment section.

Does Samsung Q60 have a camera?

No, Samsung Q60 doesn’t have a camera.

What year is Samsung Q60?

Samsung Q60/Q60R is a smart TV of 2019.

Is QLED better than OLED?

QLED is brighter than OLED suitable for any bright rooms. OLED uses less power which is compatible for eyes.

Is Samsung Q60 full array?

Yes! This smart TV has full array.

Is the Samsung Q60 a good TV?

Definitely. Samsung Q60 is an awesome TV with 4k resolution, 4k processor and HDR mode.

Does Samsung Q60 have 120Hz?

No. Samsung Q60 has 60 Hz of refresh rate.

Difference between Samsung Q60 and Q70?

Samsung Q70 delivers higher brightness, refresh rate, better viewing angles, better backlight system and higher contrast than Samsung Q60.

Does Samsung Q70 have a camera?

No. Samsung Q70 doesn’t have a camera.

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