What’s the difference between Google and Chrome [With Table]

If you are living in 21st century, you have definitely heard the name of Google. But often Google and Chrome comfuse us. In this article, we are going to discuss about the difference between Google and Chrome.


Google, one of the largest and extending companies in the earth. This company’s story is full of industriousness, hardship and also a bit of luck.

Now a days, Google has extended its market in all types of software. Google’s parent company is Alphabet. With $1 trillion market cap this tech giant has turned it the 4th most valuable company of the world.

Google’s Mission

There’s a mission of Google which is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Apart from this Google has also an unofficial mission which is “Don’t be evil”. Google has replaced this motto in 2015 to “Do the right thing”.

Creation of Google

In 1998, two brilliant mind Larry Page and Surgey Brin created their own brainchild Google. In the initial part, Google’s goal was to create a tool which can be used as Internet search engine.

Though they were not the only search engine then. There were 7 search engines before starting of Google. WebCrawler, Lycos, AltaVista were some of them. AltaVista was the most known search engine then. Back then 2003 Yahoo acquired this.

The name, “Google”, arrived from the Gogol number (10^100). Google announced that they can manage a huge amount of information, by processing and classifying it.

Within two years, Google superseded Yahoo and became the world’s biggest search engine. From then, this company has never stopped and continuously developing its features.

Google Chrome

Google created the web browser, Chrome. Basically, it is a software which people use to go on the Internet, like other browser Firefox or Internet Explorer. Using this software, one can open any website or webpage. Precisely to say, Chrome is a product made by Google.

google vs chrome

So, what are the fundamental differences between Google and Google Chrome?

You already know that Google is a tech giant of the world origin company of which is Alphabet. It is also the most popular online search engine (Google Search).

On the other hand, Google created the web browser, Chrome. Basically, it is a software which people use to go on the Internet, like other browser Firefox or Internet Explorer. Using this software, one can open any website or webpage.

Difference between Google and Google Chrome

Google Chrome
1.Search Engine. 1.Web Browser.
2.It was established in 1998. 2.It was established in 2007 for competing with other browsers.
3.Google’s market share is 63.9%. 3.Chrome’s market share is 63%.
4.It’s a mega corporation. 4.It’s an invention of Google.
5.Google’s products are Chrome, Google Drive, Google Maps, Gmail etc. 5.It’s other products are Chromebook, Chromebit etc.
6.Search Engine and also a tech company. 6.Any website or webpage can be opened by using this software.

Some Other Product List of Google

Products of Google

[su_list icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2bff08″]

  • Chrome
  • Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • Google Docs
  • YouTube
  • Android


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Short Notes on Google Products

Google Chrome

As we have depicted earlier, it’s a software programme which is used for web browsing as like as Internet Explorer or Firefox.


This is extensively used for emailing. It has superseded Yahoo and ruling the daily world of mailing.

Google Maps

This is a product of Google which is used for tracking location of any part of the world form anywhere. One can get the idea about a particular location, traffic and distance through this product.

Google Docs

You can use Google Docs to write and save Slides, Docs and Sheets. It’s free of cost and hugely popular among the masses.


If someone wants to watch a video or movie, the very first thing what he will do is clicking on YouTube. This is one of the most popular product of Google. In 2006, they bought YouTube and without any hesitation, their decision has impacted positively to broaden their company.


We all have heard about this software. The only competitor of Android is IOS. Without Apple products, all the smartphones of the world use this software.

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So that’s all about the difference between Google and Chrome. And if you have read so far, then all the confusion of you related to Google and Chrome have got erased. Next time, don’t mess up with these two!

The FAQs about Google and Chrome

What is the difference between Google App and Chrome App?

Google App is formatted for universal access while Chrome App is formatted for individual access.

What is the difference between Google Chrome and Internet Explorer?

Though both Internet Explorer and Chrome have the same functions but the biggest difference between these two is in their design. Chrome is constructed with latest design whereas Internet Explorer still clings to outdated things.

What is the difference between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge?

There’s no huge difference between Chrome and Microsoft Edge but Google Chrome defaults to Google’s search Engine and Microsoft Edge defaults to Microsoft’s Bing.

What is the difference between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox?

Firefox is an open source which means everyone free to customize several things. Chrome is not fully an open source. Another difference is Firefox use less Ram in comparison with Chrome.

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