Free Monopoly Go Dice Links 2024 [Updated]

Looking to dominate the board in Monopoly GO but running low on dice? You’re not alone! This guide unveils the best methods to score free dice rolls and maximize your winning potential. Dive in and discover:

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  • Official in-game rewards: Uncover the hidden gems within Monopoly GO that grant you free dice for simply playing.
  • Exclusive Dice Links: Learn where to find the latest official dice links shared by the developers to boost your roll count.
  • Strategic gameplay tips: Explore clever strategies to earn dice through daily tasks, completing challenges, and progressing through the game.

Get ready to unleash your inner real estate mogul with this comprehensive guide to securing free dice rolls in Monopoly GO!

How to Get Monopoly Go Free Dice

There are several ways to acquire free dice rolls in Monopoly GO:

Through official channels:

  • Daily rewards: Simply logging in to the game each day grants a free roll. Consistency builds up your resources.
  • Completing in-game tasks: Missions and challenges within the game often offer dice rolls as rewards.

Dice links:

  • Social media: The developers, Scopely, sometimes release “Dice Links” on their social media platforms like Facebook or Discord. Clicking these links while having the game installed grants free dice rolls.
  • Gaming websites and communities: Websites and forums dedicated to Monopoly GO often share these Dice Links. Be cautious; only trust links from reputable sources.

Other methods:

  • Connecting with friends: Linking your account to Facebook and inviting friends to the game grants bonus dice.
  • Free gifts: The game offers a free gift every eight hours, which may contain dice rolls.
  • Daily/Weekly rewards: Completing daily “Quick Wins” and participating in weekly events can provide dice rolls.
  • In-game progression: Leveling up, finishing boards, and completing sticker albums grant dice rolls.

Important to note:

  • Avoid exploiting the system: While acquiring free dice is encouraged, using unauthorized methods or third-party apps can violate the game’s terms of service and lead to account suspension.
  • Focus on legitimate gameplay: Earning dice through in-game activities and official means is the recommended approach.

Remember, a balanced approach is key. Enjoy the game’s mechanics and utilize the provided methods to enhance your experience without resorting to misleading practices.

Monopoly Go Free Dice Links

  1. 25 free dice rolls (NEW!)
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  12. 30 free dice rolls
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  17. 25 free dice rolls 
  18. 25 free dice rolls
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  23. 25 free dice rolls
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  25. 25 free dice rolls
  26. 15 free dice rolls
  27. 25 free dice rolls
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  30. 25 free dice rolls
  31. 25 free dice rolls
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  37. 25 free dice rolls
  38. 25 free dice rolls
  39. 25 free dice rolls
  40. 30 free dice rolls
  41. 25 free dice rolls
  42. 25 free dice rolls
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  44. 25 free dice rolls
  45. 25 free dice rolls
  46. 25 free dice rolls
  47. 25 free dice rolls
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  52. 25 free dice rolls
  53. 1 free dice roll – yes, really

We’ll make sure to delete any expired links when we spot them, and we’ll add new free dice links daily to our guide as soon as they appear. If you’re having trouble redeeming these links, try opening them in an incognito window, or using a different browser.

How Do I Redeem Monopoly Go Dice Links?

Here’s how to redeem Monopoly Go dice links:


  • Level 15: You need to be at least level 15 in Monopoly Go to access the “Album” feature, which is necessary for redeeming dice links.


  1. Find Dice Links: Search online for “Monopoly Go dice links.” Several websites offer lists of these links, though their validity can’t be guaranteed.
  2. Click on a Link: Make sure you click the link while using the device you have Monopoly Go installed on.
  3. Open with Monopoly Go: When prompted by your browser, choose to open the link with Monopoly Go.


  • If the link is valid and hasn’t been used before, you’ll see a notification within the app informing you about the received free dice rolls.

Points to Remember:

  • Limited Uses: Each dice link can only be redeemed once per Monopoly Go account.
  • Link Validity: Links can expire over time, so they might not always work.
  • External Sources: Be cautious while using dice links from unverified sources.

Alternative Methods:

While dice links offer a quick way to get extra rolls, Monopoly Go provides other methods to earn them:

  • Gameplay: Completing in-game tasks and challenges.
  • Daily Rewards: Logging in daily grants free dice rolls.
  • Events: Participating in special events within the game.

Where can I find new safe Monopoly Go dice links?

While I cannot directly provide specific links due to their temporary nature, I can guide you towards resources where you can find safe and up-to-date Monopoly Go dice links:

  • Gaming news websites: Several gaming websites publish articles that compile the latest Monopoly Go dice links.

  • Gaming communities: Online forums and communities dedicated to Monopoly Go often share dice links among members. Look for communities on platforms like Discord or Reddit.

  • Stickers – If you have duplicate stickers you can either trade with other players for ones you’re missing, or exchange them using the ‘stickers for rewards’ function. Do this by opening the Album and tapping the safe in the bottom right corner.
  • Albums and sets – Every time you complete a sticker album set you will get free dice rolls, and once the whole album is complete you’ll get even more!
  • Friend invites – Every time you invite a friend to join the game you’ll get free dice rolls when they download and install it.
  • Landing on shields – If you have full shields and land on a shield tile, the cost of your dice roll will be returned to you as free dice rolls.
  • Auto regeneration – Depending on your net worth, you will regenerate free dice rolls every 60 minutes.
  • Free gift – Every 18 hours a free gift awaits you in the store so don’t ignore that notification, often it will be free dice rolls.

Important things to remember:

  • Always be cautious: Clicking links from untrusted sources can be risky. Stick to reliable websites and communities.
  • Links expire: Dice links are usually only valid for a limited time. Make sure the resources you consult provide recently updated links.
  • In-game methods: Don’t solely rely on external links. The game itself offers various ways to earn free dice rolls, such as daily rewards and completing tasks.

By following these guidelines, you can find safe and reliable sources for Monopoly Go dice links.

Why aren’t your Monopoly go dice links working?

Reasons Monopoly Go Dice Links Might Not Work:

How to Get Valid Monopoly Go Dice Links:

  • Official Sources: Check the social media pages of Scopely, the game’s developers. They often post these links directly.
  • Trustworthy Websites: Gaming websites and communities focused on Monopoly Go might share these links. Look for reputable sites that update their information regularly.

Alternative Ways to Get Free Dice Rolls:

  • In-game methods:
    • Completing Quick Wins missions
    • Daily rewards
    • Community Chest
    • Stickers and Albums
    • Inviting friends
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