About Us

Albert Einstein once said that “the difference between stupidity and genius is that stupidity has its limits”. If only other differences could be explained in such a great way!

About Us

Difference Planet was begun in mid-2021. While doing the examination, we tracked down that relatively few sites gave quality substance to the distinction and correlation of terms. A portion of the terms are so befuddling to individuals like effect vs affect is extremely confounding for some individuals all throughout the planet. Presently we have extended to different classifications like IT, Law, Science, Business, Finance, Accounting, and General distinction terms. Difference Planet is presently ran exclusively by Minhajul Islam and Zunaet Niloy with a group of brillient writers.

Our Mission

Difference Planet is tied in with covering the themes from different specialty which are examination arranged. In each article, you will discover a ton of pictures, videos, infographics, FAQs, and a huge load of data about the terms being analyzed. Our group is focused on giving data that is well-informed, updated, impartial, reasonable, and complete. The center is to build the information level of our perusers.

Our Readers

‘Difference Planet’ won’t ever have a predisposition on the crowd based on their group, sexual orientation, age, order, or country. Our intended interest group is everybody including fledgling, understudies, speakers, students, banking experts, IT organization representatives, and specialists.

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We couldn’t want anything more than to pay attention to you. Our group will go through each idea or suggestion coming from our darling perusers. So go ahead and offer your thoughts, thoughts, and input on our get in touch on our Contact us page, since we value ‘You’.