What’s The Difference Between Pork And Ham [With Table]

Pork and ham, two popular meats originate from pigs. People often surmise pork and ham are the same thing. But there are some difference between pork and ham. Let’s discuss all the dissimilarities between these two.


In a simpler way, pork is the meat which directly derives from the pig. Though some religions like Islam and Judaism prohibit it, but it is one of the most popular meat in the world.

People take this in different types of forms like grilled, smoked or cooked. 38% production of the world’s meat originated from pork.


Pig’s flesh is the source which produces Ham. But this is basically the cured, smoked, grilled or processed meat of pig. Pork after going through several processes like curing, smoking or drying turned into ham.

Another important thing is the less fatty part of pork produces ham. Pork thighs have less fatty meat so generally we get ham after processing the meat of thighs.

Due to these methods, ham gets a pinkish color. From above description, you can guess that all hams are porks but all porks are not hams.

Difference between Pork and Ham

Pork Ham
Raw meat originated from pig. Cured and processed meat of pig.
Available in raw form.  Available in ready to eat form.
Meat from any part of the pig is pork. Thighs produces the meat of ham.
It has no processing method. It has processing methods.
Doesn’t remain in good condition for a long time without preservation. It remains in better condition for a longer period of time without preservation.


So far, we have discussed all the differences between pork and ham. In short, Pork is the meat we get directly from the body of the pig  whereas Ham is the processed or cured meat of pig which is so much popular in the western world.

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The FAQs about Fork and Ham

Why is ham not called pork?

Ham is particularly the processed, cured, smoked or grilled meat of pig. On the other hand, pork is the meat directly derives from pig. That’s why ham is not called pork.

Can Muslims eat ham?

No, any type of meat which is from pig is prohibited in Islam. It is also prohibited in Judaism too.

Why is ham pink and pork white?

Because of processing, ham turns into pinkish form. But because of the raw form, pork is generally white.

Does HAM mean pork?

No, though both of them are from pig but Ham is the processed meat of pig. On the other hand, pork is the raw form of pig’s meat.

What is the difference between ham, pork and bacon?

Ham, pork and bacon all three are from the meat of pig. Pork is totally the raw form of pig’s meat which need to be cooked before eating.

Ham is cured, salted, smoked, grilled or processed meat of pig usually produced from the meat of thighs. And Bacon is the meat which is from any other part of pig other than thighs. It can be from the belly, collar or back. It is unprocessed too.

Why do Muslims not eat pork?

Islam prohibits pork. That’s why Muslims do no eat pork. It is also prohibited in Judaism.

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