Difference between Methodist and Baptist [With Table]

The two most distinguished branches of protestantism are Methodist and Baptist. These two major branches of protestantism have existed for a huge period of time. And in this time, both of these created gargantuan number of followers. Though these two beliefs are related to Christian community and both have so many similarities but there are also a lot of differences between Methodist and Baptist. In this article, we are going to shed some light on the facts related to Methodist and Baptist and also going to share the difference between Methodist and Baptist.

Difference between Methodist and Baptist

Methodist Baptist
Methodists are known for performing instrumental songs. One of the founder of methodism Charles Wesley was instrumental in writing much of the hymnody. On the other hand, Baptists are known for performing congregational songs.
Methodist baptizes people of all ages no matter if they are infants, youth or adults. Baptists baptize grown-up matured youths and adults who can understand God and the faith of the system.
Methodists perform baptism by sprinkling, immersion and spilling. Baptists perform baptism by immersion.
Methodists have Episcopal Hierarchy of governance. Baptists have congressional independence.
According to Methodist, Bishops can assign Pastors. Baptists choose their own Pastors.
Methodists are mostly liberals. Baptists are not liberals, most of them are fundamentalists.
Church is open for all according to methodists. Baptist church is not open to all.
Methodists practice open communion. Baptists practice closed communion where it is opened only for the baptized church members.
Methodists believe that it is the person’s choice to be saved and one can fall from grace by not following the teachings and therefore losing salvation. Baptists believe the doctrine of the ‘perseverance of saints’ where an expression of once saved, always saved prevails.
According to Methodist, women can be Pastors too. According to Baptist, only men can be Pastors.
Methodist churches are not autonomous. Baptist churches are autonomous.
Methodists perform their worship on Sunday. Most of the Baptists perform their worship on Sunday but there’s a group of Baptists who worship on Saturday.

All you have to know about Methodist

Methodist, one of the major communities of Protestantism was founded by 3 persons who were John Wesley, George Whitefield and Charles Wesley. It was founded in the 18th Century AD.

But after the death of John Wesley, they fall apart. According to a census, today in this world, there are 100 millions of Methodists.

Methodists are the people who have belief in God and the Bible. Though there might be some dissimilarities, Methodist’s belief is almost similar to most communities of Christianity.

One of the crucial factors of Methodists is according to the baptism in them, the Church is always to all which means people of all ages can be baptized in the church.

This depicts the liberal character of the Methodists. They have Bishops and Bishops can appoint the Pastors after discussing with others. Pastors have no issue with the gender, they can be male or female.

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All you have to know about Baptist

Baptist, another of the major communities of Protestantism was founded in the early 1600s. During the 18th century, it commenced to spread across the globe.

Like Methodist, Baptist people also believe in God, Bible and Jesus Christ but the way they practice it differs with others.


According to Baptist, Church is not open for all. Only the matured adults can take part there and perform baptism. The reason behind this is they believe for understanding God and the faiths of the system, one has to be mature and grown-up adults.

There are also several differences in the rituals of the Baptist. Baptists perform baptism through immersion and they are not liberal as Methodists. They are fundamentalists in their faith and belief.

According to Baptist, Pastors can be appointed by local churches and they must have to be male.

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Though there are several difference between Methodist and Baptist, both of them believe in God and the ultimate target of all is to be closer to him.

Both of them are the distinguished branches of Protestantism and the belief of them for God and the Bible is unshakeable.

After going through this article, you have surely got the idea about all the differences between Methodist and Baptist. Next time, don’t mess it up.

The FAQs about Methodist vs Baptist

Can Methodists drink alcohol?

According to Wesley (The founder of Methodism), it is prohibited to drink alcohol.

What does a Baptist believe?

Baptists believe the doctrine of the ‘perseverance of saints’ where an expression of once saved, always saved prevails.

What are the basic beliefs of the Methodist Church?

Basic beliefs of the Methodist Church :

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  • Triune God. God is in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • The Bible.
  • Sin.
  • Salvation through Jesus Christ.
  • Sanctification.
  • Sacraments.
  • Free will.
  • Social Justice.


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